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Web Site Optimization - Search Engine Submission Service

My Web Reporter is the place where you can inquire about having your site optimized and monitor how the site is positioned and ranked on popular search engines. If you own a web site and are experiencing trouble with accurate placement and a lack of targeted traffic, read on. This will be a valuable resource to gaining insight to what is necessary to develop the kind of traffic that you desire to your web site.

This site was originally created as a place for customers of this service to view the reports that showcase results of their web site's search engine placement and ranking. However, now the services described here are designed to provide you with the necessary optimization for your site to attract the attention of the search engines, and hopefully your customers.

Our Clients

Most of the clients of this service are, but not limited to the automotive and real estate industry. Realtors® and car dealers have a need for substantial and accurate placement on search engines in order to drive targeted traffic and attract new business leads. A non-optimized web site, especially untouched template sites such as those provided by the corporation are akin to a high performance sports car locked up in a garage; One that no one sees and never gets driven. What we do, in essence is give the site a "detailing" and "tune up" so it can be taken out on the open road for a good drive.

If you are in need of a website, we can make recommendations, or you can use our services to have one built from scratch. We will recommend only the best: Websites that are the most user friendly, that possess self-contained marketing capabilities, and websites that have the best chance of being picked up by the search engines once optimized. In some cases we can arrange to have your new website built in less than a week.

Any site can be optimized. The idea behind optimization is to include as many of the components within the site that the search engines look for when qualifying one for proper placement and indexing.

To view some of the websites that we have worked on, go to this page.

Rules of the Game

One thing that most novice web site owners don't know is that there are distinct rules laid down by each search engine for placement. Unless you are using a "pay per click" service, getting high ranking for your site can be frustrating at best, a waste of money and time at worst. With each search engine, there are certain "algorithms" set by the vast computers that run each search engine's system.

The algorithms change in time as each search engine acquires new information about how to do a better job of properly indexing the millions of sites out there they are required to give results for. It is not the search engine's intent to deliberately ignore certain web sites or pages. Unless of course the owner of that site or page is breaking spam rules or over submitting. More about this page.

Other Types of Services

There are many services out there that charge anywhere from $100 per year to submit to $1200 per month for submission and reporting. The producer of this site has only found a few that offer both. Submission without optimization is a waste of time and money. You are better to use the money for traditional marketing programs than throwing it down the drain on a non-optimized site. Yes, you may find a slight increase in traffic by just submitting alone, but the results will be vastly improved with accurate optimization. Think of it like trying to grow a lawn on hard, unfertilized soil. Yes, some grass may grow, but you won't be inviting your friends over to putt any rounds of golf.

The average cost of this service will vary, depending on the specific needs of the client and the size of the project. If our program cannot fit into your budget, you might want to consider a different approach to your online marketing or learn how to do what we do on your own. That is entirely possible for anyone. After all, this isn't rocket science. But with diligence, time and an open mind, you can learn all this stuff from many resources available.

Please contact your web report administrator for the exact URL of your web report by calling 480-941-2628. Call today!

If you wish to email us about our services or have any questions about what you read here, use this email address to inquire:

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